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    through innovation

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    IBT facade coating

    keeps what she promises

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    Healthy living space

    with natural building materials


Welcome to the Advantages of Innovative Wall Coating Technology

Based on state-of-the-art ecological materials research, we develop near-natural high-performance materials for the protection of exterior facades and interior walls. The result is weather-resistant building surfaces that are permanently dehumidified and thus deprive fungi, algae and moss of their basis. This results in a comfortable, mould-free indoor climate while at the same time saving energy. All our actions are oriented towards health, well-being, energy saving and sustainability.


Discover our product worlds


Thermoceramic Coating Outside

Facade paint for permanent protection against moisture, environmental and weather influences.


Thermoceramic Coating-Inside

interior colour
for a healthy
Room climate.


Concrete Technology Interior & Exterior

Screed & grout for damp
rooms and
outdoor areas.


Indoor & outdoor dehumidification systems

dehumidifying plasters
to the cellar and
Base renovation.


High quality technology for dry structures


HighTec for your wall

On the basis of state-of-the-art ecological material research, near-natural high-performance materials are developed for the protection of facades and interior walls. Discover the secret of a highly effective physical effect.


HighQ Cement Technology

According to today's ecological requirements and historical recipes, groundbreaking lime-cement products with a unique pore structure were developed, which ensure permanent water removal and salt resistance.


Climate change

IBT products hold against it! Climate change places special demands on architects, building planners and urban planners. Climate researchers expect a significant increase in summer heat periods. Heavy rain events are also on the increase.