Welcome to the benefits of natural building materials for permanently dry walls

Our passion is defined by the renovation of historic, old and new building fabric, to eliminate any moisture problems. No matter whether it is caused by capillary rising damp, sudden water ingress due to heavy rain or flooding, these products have been used successfully for decades.

We work exclusively with natural building materials. This is both our success and our passion. All materials work with the physical laws of nature. The result is weather-resistant buildings that are permanently dehumidified and deprive mould, fungi, algae, moss and aggressive salts of their basis. This achieves a healthy living space while saving energy at the same time.



Working with the laws of nature is our success!


HighQ dehumidification technology

Following today's ecological demands and historical formulations, pioneering lime-cement products with a unique pore structure were developed.

For rapid building drying with simultaneous resistance to renewed water penetration and salts.


HighQ insulation systems

Unique insulating plaster systems with proven dehumidification properties have been developed on the basis of the latest ecological material research.

For natural and biological energy saving of historical buildings, as well as for insulation of old and new buildings.


HighQ Facade Coating & Climate Change

IBT products stand up to it!

Climate change places special demands on architects, building and urban planners. Climate researchers expect a significant increase in summer heat waves and heavy rainfall events.

IBT products protect facades from heat and water penetration.


Research & Development - Continuing Education


We research, develop and inform


We continue to research

The development of new and sustainable building materials is close to our hearts. We continue to research in order to develop new goals together and contribute to the Green Deal.



Seminars for architects and planners

We organise seminars for architects and planners and provide information about the physical properties and versatile applications of our materials.



Workshops für Handwerker

At our workshops, you will learn the simple techniques for using and combining our products and we will help you develop new ideas.