vitral V50

functional coating for interior

Thermo ceramic wall coating with CLIMATE PROPERTIES

vitral V50 provides a comfortable indoor climate thanks to IBT technology. Ideal for all indoor areas, vitral V50 meets the highest standards of durable living comfort such as for living and sleeping areas Resistant to moisture in the bathroom and kitchen. Stable and efficient in office and work spaces.



The benefits speak for themselves

  • Acts as a heat insulator
  • Improves the indoor climate
  • Helps save heating costs
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Non-flammable (A2)
  • excellent covering capacity
  • environmentally friendly
  • permeable to air
  • prevents the formation of mildew
  • hard-wearing and abrasion resistant



Product information vitral V50



The benefits speak for themselves

Comfortable radiant heat in winter

vitral V50 absorbs the heating warmth and releases it evenly to the human body. This creates a pleasant, warm room climate (radiant heat).

Through this optimum reflection of the heat radiation in heated rooms, vitral V50 removes the drastic temperature difference between the floor and ceiling area (Phenomenon of the temperature roll). This results in a significantly lower convection flow, causing less dust, fungal and mould spores to be whirled up. A pleasant side effect is the lower energy consumption.

Pleasant room climate in summer

In summer, the air is more moist. Vitral V50 absorbs moisture and stores it. 

Due to the membrane effect, evaporative cooling develops on the wall surface at higher temperatures and increasing humidity. A free air conditioning system is created.


Uniform heat distribution thanks to technology from IBT

Thermoceramic technology distributes the heat evenly across the entire surface of vitral V50 coated walls. When applied to walls and ceiling, there are no cold corners and so mould growth. is prevented.

Perfect colours made in Germany

Selected, high-quality pigments in a unique colour matrix with IBT technology give the special colour touch.

vitral V50 stands for modern architecture in interiors, where the interaction of light, colour and material contrasts set special accents. Feel good in a healthy colour and room climate!