aerius LZE322/LZE323

Dehumidifying systems for inside and outside

HighPerformance Lightweight, insulating and quick-setting cement screed

aerius screeds enable unequalled dehydration from moist substrates They adhere permanently to damp floors and floor slabs and are therefore ideally suited for the renovation of these areas, as well as a preventive measure.


The benefits speak for themselves

  • Can be walked on after 12 h
  • Can be used after 48 h
  • Light, insulating and quick screed
  • 15-20% lighter than conventional screeds
  • Accelerated construction
  • Permanently permeable
  • Waterproof
  • Heat insulating
  • Insulating
  • Homogeneous laying possible
  • Expansion joints possible
  • Good levelling properties



Product Information aerius Systems

Mode of action


Applicable for all screed constructions

aerius screeds permanently remove moisture from wet floors. They remain permanently permeable to diffusion and waterproof. The quick drying, the resistance to moisture and salts, makes this screed unique. Its aerius pore system makes it lighter than conventional screeds and also has a thermal insulation effect.



For permanently dry floors!

Composite screed

Heating screed

Floating screed