Cool in summer, warm in winter

Evaporative cooling in summer, thanks to innovative façade coating

With apollo A100, façades receive summer heat protection through the membrane effect. The principle is not based on the reflection of global solar radiation, but on the evaporation of water, which is absorbed into the coating during the night and morning hours, stored and released again during the day. This creates a pleasant evaporative coolness on the façade surface, whereby the masonry also heats up significantly less. The principle is simple: the transition from liquid water to water vapour consumes thermal energy and provides evaporative cooling. All building structures painted with IBT technology heat up less, which ensures lower energy consumption when using air conditioning and heats up the surroundings less in congested or urban areas.

Heat storage in winter, thanks to ceramic properties.

In winter, the ceramic coating can better absorb solar energy and compensate for temperatures on the surface.

The result is a pleasant thermal movement on the façade surface.