IBT in 7 sentences

Learned from nature -
optimised for you in the lab

IBT develops and markets highly innovative building material products based on the latest technologies, historical and current research findings, following nature's example. The results are products that are easy to use and at the same time effective, based on the results and experience of many years of trials and practical applications and test series.

IBT products use only high quality and the best raw materials, true to the knowledge that the end product can only ever be as good as its components. Our philosophy is to provide you with a quality that is second to none and that, even after many years, lets the surfaces and facades treated with them shine like new.

Part of this assurance is that we do not leave research to others, rather we do it ourselves - always striving to be the number 1, as a developer and supplier of state-of-the-art surface technology, for the refurbishment, renovation and modernisation of old buildings and new construction, from individual and multi-family homes, commercial buildings to hospitals, hotels and public facilities. This claim applies equally to the optimisation of energy efficiency and the sustainable use of construction-friendly materials.

You may take us at our word.