The problem of moisture and water infiltration in masonry is omnipresent. The fact that our restoration plaster mortars enabled effective moisture removal from wet and salt-loaded walls decades ago shows the many years of expertise and pioneering work of our experts in this field.

Our products are used wherever water affects the masonry. Fast building drying after flood damage, the renovation of old monastery walls or from stables to residential buildings - our technology makes it possible.

We offer holistic solutions for various building projects and requirements. Our product portfolio ranges from naturally mineral plasters, screeds and concrete repair materials to building biology and healthy thermal insulation systems in the form of a monolithic wall construction and the long-lasting final paint products.

Breathable building materials of excellent quality, which are easy and quick to work with, speak for the practicability and efficiency of the products. Our technology uses physical laws and cooperation with nature to create dry and healthy building structures. They protect the masonry and in this way preserve valuable building fabric. Sustainable and natural.